• Cartoon Design for T-shirt

    Local Zumba Group

    Cartoon Design for T-shirt

    Running Group

    Sample Cartoon Design - Dinosaur Head

    Sample Design Laganson Graphics

    Whale Illustration

    Used for an Infographics

    Cartoon Design for Mothers Day

    Social Media Image

  • Cartoon Design Process

    Planning Phase

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    On this phase, we will require as much details as possible from the client regarding the cartoon character he/she wants to have. This includes, but no limited to color preference, what the cartoon will represent, the pose or stance facial expression, hair and more. The main purpose is to communicate clients idea to the artist.

    Design Outline- No color

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    On this phase, we will start working on the design but generally without colors yet. After we finish the design without its color, will present it to client for approval. Revisions are welcome until you are satisfied.

    Color Phase

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    After outline is approved, adding color to the design will follow. Revisions are also welcome on these phase until client is satisfied.

    Delivery Phase

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    This is the time when the final design will all its various file types, jpg, png, square formant etc. will be delivered to the client.

  • Design Experience

    We have been into graphic design for almost 5 years now. But Jonard who does most of the design has been into drawing and designs since elementary days. This is the reason why he landed in the graphics design industry.


    He has preference when it comes to creating customized graphics like cartoons as it allows him to practice his skills more. And simply put, he just loves doing cartoon designs.


    This only means that your cartoon design will surely be created to the best of our ability.

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